Payhip – Sell Digital Products, Downloads & Online Courses

Payhip – Sell Digital Products, Downloads & Online Courses

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Payhip – Sell Digital Products, Downloads & Online Courses

*Disclaimer: For the purpose of transparency, this is a sponsored article and as the author, I have received financial remuneration for its production and also receive affiliate income if you choose to follow links in this article.

If you are creating and selling digital products such as eBooks, manuals, online courses, downloadable training resources, subscriptions – or indeed any kind of digital creation; then you are going to need a platform to host that content, sell it and enable your customer to download it.

But with soooo many tech options out there, many online business owners get to this stage and find themselves completely lost amidst the choices.

Some digital product platforms are highly advanced learning management systems that are more tailored to larger education-based businesses and have features that not all businesses need.

Others are more focussed on building complex, long-form sales pages as the primary feature – which are not required for most digital products.

And many others are either hard to use or too expensive for smaller business owners.  

However, I had to put this blog post together because I have recently come across a platform that I feel is a great option for those who are looking for simplicity, easy use, affordability and fast-set up.  

If you like to get things done fast and easily, you are going to LOVE Payhip!

What is Payhip?

Payhip is your all-in-one tool to sell your ebooks, courses, software and all types of digital products. If you can save it, then you can sell it. 

If you want simple, no-nonsense digital product sales, without any tech headaches, without long-winded sales pages or complex tech – grab your free account on Payhip and see how fast it is to get products published and selling.

Here is a quick video from me just showing you how easy it is to upload an eBook and have a checkout and delivery available within minutes!

Stuff You Could Make Money From Selling on Payhip

There is no limit to what you can sell from your Payhip account.

If it is a digital file of any kind, a membership subscription, or even physical e-commerce products, Payhip has got your back!

Here are some of the things you could start selling today using Payhip:

  • eBooks
  • Calendars
  • Journals
  • Meal Plans
  • Habit Trackers
  • Checklists
  • Study Guides / How-To Guides
  • WorkBooks
  • Worksheets
  • Software / SAAS products
  • Templates
  • Online courses
  • Coaching services or programs
  • Subscriptions and memberships
  • E-commerce – physical products 

What Does Payhip Do?

Here are 10 reasons why I personally love the Payhip platform for selling digital products.

  1. The Fastest And Easiest Way To Take Payments For Digital Products

The thing I love most about Payhip is the speed and simplicity of adding products and how you instantly get a checkout page for your product without having to do any sales page building and complex site-building.

It really is as easy as pressing upload > add price > add description > publish.

You can connect your own PayPal and Stripe to your Payhip account with a one-click connection, and start earning immediately with a done-for-you checkout that is designed for the highest conversion and instant sales. 

But, there is a lot more to Payhip than just allowing you to quickly and easily make lots of money!

Here are a few of the other stand-out Payhip features that I think need a mention…

  1. Instant Downloads – No Fulfilment Tech Nightmares!

There are no complicated funnels to build, no email automation software to connect.

As soon as the customer has paid, their download is immediately available to them via a pop-up with a download button; making your fulfilment process completely hassle-free.

  1. Handles EU Tax for You

None of us love taxes, but we do have to do it.

Another feature I like about Payhip, is that with a simple click of a check box, you can control your taxes!

No more headaches at tax time, or making your accountant cry with you!

Tick the boxes you want to be switched on, then sit back and count all of your money!

  1. Protect Your IP

Many of us online business owners want to protect our intellectual property, and another thing I love about Payhip is the fact that you can add ‘PDF Stamps’ to your digital files.  Simply by checking a box in your account settings, Payhip will automatically add the customer purchase details to their file when they download it, which can discourage illegal file-sharing or re-selling.

It also has an option inside your account settings to set a limit to the number of times your files can be downloaded by a buyer.

Finally, for those who are selling software or SAAS products, Payhip will also generate license keys for your users to verify the purchase and restrict access to people who didn’t purchase a license key. 

Seriously though, look how easy this is……!!

A CHECK BOX! I’m in love. 

  1. Multiply Your Sales With Your Own Affiliate Program

Successful online business owners dramatically increase their sales by getting other people to promote and sell their products in return for a commission.  

But no, you don’t need another piece of software to manage affiliates!

Simply click on ‘marketing’ > affiliates, and you’ll have a link to give to people who want to promote your products for a commission.  This will give them a ready-made opt-in page (no extra work for you), and boom, they’ll have their very own affiliate link to share with the world that will reward them whenever a sale is made with their link.  From this same location, you’ll be able to see all of your affiliates too!

  1. Increase Sales With Coupons And Discount Codes

Maybe you’ve been given a guest speaking slot at a conference, summit or podcast?

Perhaps it’s a public holiday, your birthday, an end-of-year sale or you want to offer an early launch price offer?

Creating free coupon codes to get leads, or special offers to boost sales is a feature that every business owner needs in their tech toolbox, and Payhip makes it really easy to take advantage of this essential marketing tactic with just a few clicks.

You can choose the discount amount, limit the number of coupons, set expiration dates and more!

And if that isn’t good enough, it also has social discount tools – giving users discounts if they share your product on social media!


  1. Pay What You Want Pricing Option

This has become a highly trending pricing method for digital products, but most platforms out there do not yet have this feature that allows the customer to enter and pay any price they like.

With Payhip, you can easily add a pricing option that allows your customers to pay whatever price they want for your product. 

  1. Embed The Buy Button, Shopping Cart Or Checkout Page Onto A Website Or Blog

If you have your own website and want to sell your digital products from your own sales pages or blog, you can grab the embed code for your Payhip checkout and embed it directly onto your own web page!

Here is a screenshot showing you what it would look like to embed the checkout for my eBook into my blog or website page:

Goodbye expensive web developer!!

  1. Grow Your Email List & Communicate With Customers

Your email database is a critical asset in your business and growing it should be a priority.

Payhip securely stores your customer database and allows you to send automated or live messages to your contacts.  Not only that, but it also easily connects to external email marketing software too!

  1. Customise With your Logos and Branding

Finally, your entire Payhip account is customisable; allowing you to make your pages, buttons and presentation match your own unique branding.

Now of course, this list is certainly not exhaustive of all of the amazing features that Payhip has, but hopefully just gives you a little insight into why I am a big fan and think that it is a perfect solution for business owners who want a simple, affordable and fuss-free way to get their products out to the world!

If you’d like to get a 50% discount to the Payhip platform, they have very kindly provided a special link/code for you here: 

If you have any questions, do feel free to reach out to me on

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