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Listed as Huffington Post's 'Top 50 Must-Follow Female Entrepreneur's​ for 2017'

With 11 years in business in the education industry, over 9,000 students in 131 countries and multiple awards – Sarah encapsulates a mesmerising marriage of education and entrepreneurship as the EDUpreneur’s internationally acclaimed leader in ‘profitably educating your marketplace’.  She is also a Trainer and consultant in workforce planning, training design and online learning development to large organisations.  

A  3 times international number 1 best-selling author, qualified educator, professional speaker, and multiple award-winning CEO

Sarah is a respected expert in:​


Online course creation

Profitable business growth using the platform of education

Organisational online learning

Education-based marketing

Workforce planning and development

Curriculum design & development

Workplace education & training


Sarah is an experienced international professional speaker and workshop host.

She speaks at public and private conferences, corporate events, seminars, schools, colleges and universities.

All of her talks are tailored specifically for each audience and conference theme from the list of topics below:

Conducting Effective Workforce Planning To Maximise Productivity & Profitability

Implementing & Improving Organisational Online Learning

Successfully Managing Online & Distance Learners To Increase Completion & Retention Rates

Embedding The Principles of Adult Learning into Your Training To Enhance The Learner Experience

Maximising Staff Training on a Minimum Budget

Engaging The Disengaged in Learning: How To Reconnect Learners To Your Training

Edupreneurship: The Entrepreneur & Business Owner's Strategy for Success

How To Go Global: Becoming an Industry Leader Using the Platform of ‘Edupreneurship’

From Zero To Hero: Becoming The Go-To Authority in Your Industry (How I went from homeless to 7 figure business and how you can too)

People Development: Maximising Staff Training on a Minimum Budget (Corporate strategies from Sarah’s Best-Selling Book)

Innovation in Vocational Education: Capitalising on the Online Learning & Virtual Reality Training Revolution

Business Innovation: Commercial Growth Strategies Using The Platform of Education

Opportunity Recognition in Entrepreneurship: What is it that makes us successful and why do only some 'make it'?

The Formula For Leadership Success: Are Leaders Born, or Made?

Easy Online Growth Hacks: Simple Online Strategies for Business Success & Becoming An Industry Leader (Including strategies from Sarah’s Best-Selling Book)


Capitalising on the global online learning & Ed-Tech Revolution

How to dramatically increase your international presence by tapping into billion dollar learning marketplaces

How to re-purpose and diversify your training offerings to increase revenue streams, course enrolments, sales and profits

How to lead in the VET industry by offering your training the newest and most revolutionary form of training delivery

How to outsource for a more profitable education and training business​


Adversity And Change Is Opportunity (Inspiring, motivating, encouraging)

Sometimes, things don’t quite go to plan. Whether it’s the exam results we were hoping for, a declined application to university, a job application rejection, or the loss of old friendships when we move to the next chapter of our lives; these knocks, changes, or ‘adversities’ can be tough to take. So how do we deal with it? Sarah will share some humorous, but serious stories about how her biggest failures, unexpected events and biggest ‘knocks’ in life have actually been her biggest opportunities. There’s no need to be afraid of change – in fact, the more you encourage it, the higher you’ll soar.

The Formula For Success (School + Work Experience = Results)

How following this formula got me an exciting career AND my own business straight after leaving school. Sarah will share some stories about how even the most unlikely of work experiences, combined with her school efforts are what got her to where she is today and how without them, life would be very different. As a lifelong learner, a facilitator of learning and an employer, Sarah will inspire, motivate and encourage students to realize how every single thing we do in our lives, is preparation and a predetermination of what comes next for us. Therefore we must pick the right activities, put in the right effort and recognize the power we have for creating the future we desire for ourselves.

Efficacious You (Self-esteem, self-efficacy, self-control, confidence, coping with change)

Helping children understand themselves, their behaviours and reactions to their experiences at school and in life, and how to be the master of our experiences in way that enables the best possible result, great relationships with others and importantly, a strong and healthy self-efficacy.

Presentation & Workshop Topics

Sarah also deliver's tailored presentations & workshops in the following topics:

Innovation in Vocational Education & Training

Engaging Teaching & Learning Practices

Curriculum/Instructional Design and Development

Creating Profitable Courses and Training Programs

Creating Online Learning Programs

Marketing and Sales of Education and Training Programs

Making Training Businesses More Profitable – Ethically

Industry leadership Success Strategies

Profitable Workforce Development: Staff Training for Positive ROI

Students Transitioning from Education to Employment: What’s next and what do employers really want?

Entrepreneurship & Business Start-Up Success Strategies

The Student’s Formula For Success

Edupreneurship: What entrepreneurs and businesses in any industry can learn about growing business by using the platform of education instead of sales, and how to create profitable learning products and programs as a lead generation tool

Workforce Planning & Development: How large businesses and corporate enterprises can maximise their productivity and profitability by effectively utilising and developing their workforce skills and capabilities

Overcoming Adversity: How actively creating adversity as well as effectively coping with it is the key to success in life and business

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