[VIDEO] ActiveCampaign – FULL TUTORIAL (From a Verified ActiveCampaign Educator)

[VIDEO] ActiveCampaign – FULL TUTORIAL (From a Verified ActiveCampaign Educator)

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[VIDEO] ActiveCampaign – FULL TUTORIAL (From a Verified ActiveCampaign Educator)

Having used MailChimp, and some of the other commonly mentioned email marketing systems out there, I feel very confident in saying that ActiveCampaign is by far the current best option for email marketing and automation.


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It’s more than just an email blaster.  

It is a sales manager, deal manager, CRM (customer record management system), a total automation system, creates opt-in forms, auto-responders, landing pages, SMS marketing, and has some incredible personalised marketing outreach super-powers than even a potato can figure out – and much more.


For what it can do, and the price, ActiveCampaign is definitely my top pick in the marketing for email and automation.

I even use it to project manage my client services and manage my team on auto-pilot!!



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