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wanted the REAL Australian experience? The ones WITHOUT suffocating tour buses
and structured schedules? Meet REAL people, learn the REAL Aboriginal stories
in the way traditional Aboriginal culture has been passed on for generations?
Survival, lessons, hunting, tribal law, bush tucker, bush medicine,
relationships – EVERYTHING in traditional Aboriginal culture is passed on by
The Elders of each community through stories and art.
are offering a unique learning and cultural immersion experience in the form of
Aboriginal Art Classes.
will learn how to paint an Aboriginal style painting or boomerang decoration
which you will take home with you at the end of the day to remember your
magical experience forever! All paints and canvasses are provided.
throughout the year, you can come to just one, or attend them all – it’s up to
The Trainer:
Doug Ryder is an Aboriginal Elder of ‘Nunda’ descent and he says this about his
traditional colours are red, brown, grey, white, yellow, black, ochre’s and
have added greens and blues which are colours my people didn’t have.  The
stories in the art are based on ‘Dream Time’ and also the history of my people
and their ancestors. This explains why my paintings are contemporary as well as
many traditional stories, culture and methods at risk of being lost to history,
this is an extremely rare and magical opportunity to learn first-hand.
on these workshops are strictly limited so it is advised to book early.
Upcoming Course Dates:
21st February:
22nd February:
28th March: 10:00-16:00
29th March: 10:00-16:00
Marra Way, South Lake, WA
can buy just a one day ticket, or get discounts for multiple day purchases.
is a video of our previous Aboriginal Art Workshops:  CLICK HERE FOR ABORIGINAL ART VIDEO
tickets here:
us on facebook:
We look
forward to sharing a beautiful, fun and relaxing day of learning with you!
Sarah Cordiner
Managing Director


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